FFmpeg: Simple video editor with Zenity front-end

A proof-of-concept implementation of a simple, but extensible, video editor, based on FFmpeg with a Zenity interface. Presented as a proof-of-concept as bugs still remain and the project is abandoned.

The goal was to create a video editor with the simplest of requirements; tools found on most popular GNU/Linux distributions, with a standard installation of FFmpeg (+FFplay). The original idea was to create just a video clipping tool, however, the facility to add functionality was included. Extending the functionality involved creating separate scripts with Zenity dialogs relating to the feature added.

While the effectiveness of the implementation is questionable, some interesting concepts remain, such as: a scrub-bar for FFplay created from just a set of filterchains, a novel approach to referencing time-stamps from FFplay, and the correct FFmpeg switches to force edit video clips on non-keyframes (the results of which are demonstrated in the video above).

download: ZenityVideoEditor_0.1.tar.gz

original version: 2016, 15th February https://twitter.com/oioiiooixiii/status/699239047806500864